Little Chiefs U5 & U6

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U5 & U6

The Manhasset Soccer Club Little Chiefs program is run by our partner, Top Corner Soccer.  Each trainer follows a set curriculum designed by owner, Tarl Smith, which is a philosophy each trainer shares. We recommend you visit and to become familiar with the foundation of our program. 


Children in the Little Chiefs program are grouped by age and gender. 

  • Focus is on the social and technical aspects of the game, it is paramount that the children have a fun and positive experience.
  • Curriculum at this age is centered on the individual, with every player having direct contact with the ball throughout the duration of the session, getting the maximum amount of touches, estimated at 100 touches per hour session. 
  • “Adventure Soccer” themed sessions allow the children to immerse themselves in a playful zone while engaging their gross and fine motor skills.
  • “Guided Discovery” coaching techniques are utilized to allow children to discover the game. 
  • Each session concludes with “New Ball Method” - a small sided 3 v 3 running game ball where players are getting exposure to the game setting with a continuous ball being played without any stoppage.
  • Children are not “coached” during this game-setting, but encouraged to become comfortable with the ball at their feet.
  • The focus is developmental age-appropriate and based on what the majority of children are both physically and mentally capable of completing.

Click this link from US Youth Soccer on how to decifer what age group your child will play.

Program: Weekend – 60-minute sessions on either Saturday or Sunday.

Program Fee: $200.00 each season

Age Groups: U5  U6

Fall Season: September to mid November (8 -10 sessions based on school calendar) at local outdoor fields

Winter Session: January to March with limited registration for indoor space at Manhasset Secondary School.  (6-8 sessions depending on gym availability)

Spring Season: Late March/Early April to mid June (8 -10 sessions based on school calendar) at local outdoor fields

Late Fees: apply by registration deadline

Gear: Uniforms ordered direct from Upper90, shin-guards are REQUIRED, soccer cleats HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED